Me, during architecture studies.

Me, during architecture studies.

Detail of the custom textures in stone and leather.

Detail of the custom textures in stone and leather.


Raised in the traditions of interwar bourgeoisie family, I lived in the house of my grandparents, surrounded by objects from the golden age of Polish craft.
Like my father, I chose to study architecture. My career accelerated after I designed the interiors of my friend’s residence in Sopot. He was especially appreciated my modern bathroom design.

Vis a Vis studio was founded in 1991. It was born in the time of socialism when the international design was barely known, the art of craft forgotten, and only decent design places were folk art shops of Cepelia.


From the very beginning, my designs were current with the best of the international design. I introduced aesthetics that never existed in Poland before. I inspired my clients and was in an avant-garde of polish interior design.

I always persuaded them that the style of a small nobleman’s manor is not all the look that exists for interiors. My designs incorporated products of the best foreign and domestic manufacturers and artisans promoted contemporary artists and established standards for an interior designer to follow.

Thereby, I was a precursor of luxurious interiors in Poland, and I laid the foundations for the next generations of polish creators to build upon. I was a co-founder of ZOOM – a famous gallery of Polish and international contemporary design.


My vast experience and knowledge of styles, materials and technology of luxurious interior design allow me to move freely between various aesthetics.

Like a physician, I heal interiors – analyse scale, rhythms, function, proportion, views and logic of layout. When I see that my plan is pure and elegant – I choose style, details, textures, colours, the ambience of illumination. I decide upon the richness of furniture, carpets and decoration.

Clients admire my designs, thanks to a skilful realisation of both declared and unapparent needs and dreams of my clients. Comfort and functionality harmonise with elegance and representative character, never becoming their prey.

I achieve beauty by carefully controlling proportions and interaction of designed spaces, textures and accents of furniture and details. Skill and ability of contractors result in the highest quality of craft and perfection of the result.

Elegance, timeless beauty and never-ending joy of use – my interiors are not a one-season indulgence but last for the years to come.


At the studio, I have the help of my skilful co-workers, who are with me for many years, and who are incredibly creative and experienced in the art of the interior design.

We serve the clients who are the prominent people of business, media and culture, whose time is valuable and who appreciate our integrity. We service both private persons as well as companies.

Our services range from the design of commercial and residential interiors to bespoke furniture, lamp and carpet design. In our projects, most of the designed furnishing is custom designed and made to fulfil the needs of our clients better. For years, we have built unprecedented cooperation with various experienced manufacturers and artisans – from big companies to small shops from around the world.

Our interiors are unique, perfectly adapted to client’s needs, perfectly comfortable and usable, easy to maintain end designed in timeless style.

It is luxury tamed.